Photo by Joey Skibel

Photo by Joey Skibel


Capturing the pure essence, beauty, and form of imagery through his lens and then hand-crafting that image into an exceptional print is the core of David Brookover's art. His authentic, traditional processes for reproducing the original photograph include Platinum Palladium, Silver Gelatin, Photogravure, and Bromoil.

In addition to Brookover's focus on traditional techniques, the intuitive artistic detail in his wildlife, landscape, abstract, and western photographs make up the core philosophy of The Brookover Gallery in Jackson, WY. Please take some time to explore his online portfolio and and it's exclusive fine art photography offerings in the areas of Platinum, Silver Gelitan, Photogravure and Bromoil. 


David Brookover was born in Kansas in 1954. Ever the wanderer, his early childhood years living on and exploring his parents' small dairy farm and neighboring farmlands laid the very foundation for his future travels and life abroad. When asked when his inspiration for photography began he will often state Carlos Castaneda's first book, the central character don Juan Matus and the hilarious antics of don Genaro. Like so many others who read Castaneda's work in the 70's, his world was never the same and don Juan's discourses changed his perceptions forever. Another strong influence on his life from his early travels was the medicine man Rolling Thunder.


In 1986, David moved to Japan to further his studies in acupuncture but was unable to practice due to regulations within the Japanese medical system. It was then that he decided to fulfill his artistic yearning and took up photographing the beauty and wonder of his new surroundings. As the saying goes, he never looked back. For the next 15 years he studied Japanese art, visited world class exhibitions and took in as many photography shows as he could while traveling back and forth to the U.S. building up his portfolio. To this day the influence of Japan, traditional Japanese art and its history continues to lay the foundation for David's own style. His break came in the 90s when he began photographing for Fuji Photo Film Co. Ltd in Tokyo. Later he would do multiple exhibitions in Tokyo showing his diverse work. Through Fuji Film his work would be shown around the world.


David and his ever faithful companion Mocha © Pam Schwarz 2008

David and his ever faithful companion Mocha
© Pam Schwarz 2008

In the spring of 2001, David and his wife Yuko moved to Jackson Hole, Wyoming where they opened The Brookover Gallery. This spacious three thousand square foot gallery showcases the very best of his work in one of the most beautiful settings in the world. Here one can quietly view over 100 custom framed platinum palladium, black and white, bromoil, and color images in a relaxed atmosphere. Chances are you will also be greeted by the real star of our humble abode, an Australian Shepherd/Border Collie who goes by the name of Mocha. She alone is worth a visit.


The majority of David's landscape work is photographed with 8x10 Ebony and Linhof cameras. The large format originals along with the highest quality scanners ensure tack sharp images at any size. David uses only the most archival papers to print both his color and black and white images. Click to see David's earlier color work.  He uses digital, Nikon, Pentax and Fuji systems for his animal capture. The platinum palladium, silver gelatin and photogravure prints are all meticulously handcrafted using processes dating back to the 1830s. These prints are unsurpassed works of art that require extensive time, years of knowledge of both the materials and processes and the willingness to fine tune each step, method and substrate to fit a vision. All of our Japanese papers that we use for platinum palladium printing are handmade papers made for us by families that have been carrying on this tradition for many generations. Our fine art prints are purchased by individuals and corporations around the world. Few photographers in the world use such an extensive and varied approach in platinum palladium work as we do.


 David had the rare opportunity to meet and photograph the legendary Willie Nelson.

 David had the rare opportunity to meet and photograph the legendary Willie Nelson.

What one chooses to do AFTER the image is captured is truly the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning depending on how far the artist wishes to travel. The endless search for exotic handmade papers, our collaboration with meticulous printers, impeccable framers together with a shared willingness to embrace technology and history continues to separate The Brookover Gallery from the all too prevalent and predictable "software" mindset of today. David's sole purpose of photographing is for the gallery and sharing many of these rare, historic traditional printing methods with our collectors. It has been a great journey and we are looking forward to many "end of the beginning" avenues to travel down.

The Brookover Gallery was mentioned in a recent New York Times article 36 Hours in Jackson Hole, WY: