We do our very best to meet and exceed the highest standards when crafting our fine art prints. Over the years, we have had the pleasure of sharing our work with many people who are drawn to the stories David conveys in each print. Below, we are delighted to tell our story with feedback from around the world – adding to the adventure, enjoyment and gratification of our work.

Hear what others are saying about David Brookover’s photography:

Pete Williams NBC News Television Correspondent

“David's pictures appeal to me emotionally because they convey the feeling of what it's like to be in the places where he has photographed -- from the majesty of grand landscapes to the solitude of quiet places. His work conveys a westerner's sense of connection to the land. And David's mastery of his art gives his pictures a three-dimensional quality that pulls you in. His photographs are a source of inspiration and enjoyment. They’re a pleasure to own.”

Angela Pearson Bramson Fine Art Collector

“These were no ‘you were here’ postcard images, but works of art the re-created the emotions and actions of the moment. Looking at them I was transported… The lens acts as a window into his soul, offering an unforgettable visual adventure.”

Tammy Christel Jackson Hole Art Blogger

“I’ve spent time hanging around Brookover’s gallery, and it’s not an exaggeration to say that 99% of the people coming through, photographers or not, are instantly mesmerized by his work. Struck dumb.”

Kathryn Mapes Turner Artist

"The work of David Brookover is pure artistry. Each poetic image communicates a timeless elegance that is masterfully crafted, making a significant contribution to the experience of beauty."

Elizabeth Grady Photo Rights Manager at National Geographic Magazine

“When I walked into his Gallery for the first time, I remember thinking I hadn't seen anything like it before. The large format cameras he uses seemed like a dying art, and I was so happy to see someone working in this way. He is known for his platinum palladium collection on handcrafted Japanese Kozo and Gampi papers and the results are stunning. David's passion for his work and printing styles is palpable. He continues to push the limits in all he approaches, and settles for nothing less than perfection.”

Amy Kuhre Santa Fe ReporterExceptional Showing: Santa Fe Galleries Bring Their Best

“His work ranges from veiled depictions of deserted terrain in the West, to the technicolor dream worlds of Japan.”

Richard Morrison Attorney

“David's photography captures scenes which call to the soul, reminding the viewer of the magnificent beauty in the world, sometimes of the dramatic, sometimes of the simple. It is of the quality that reminds us of the value of excellence and the importance of detail. We have long treasured the several works we have purchased from David and recommend his work to everyone who ever considered the importance of place.”

Kevin Huelsmann 2011 Fall Arts Festival supplement to the Jackson Hole News & Guide

“Some of the historical printing processes tap into a desire to reconnect with the past, an urge Brookover has started to observe in viewers.”

Jimmy Chin Expedition Photographer and Filmmaker

“David Brookover's work is an inspiration to me. With influences from Japanese art and his love of the craft, from the photographic process to the printing and materials he uses, he has created a beautiful and impressive body of work. His gallery in Jackson is a perfect place to view his large format art prints that are created with his unique style.”

Stephen Saunders Co-owner of Hidden Light LLC.

“When it comes to fine art platinum/palladium photographers, no one has pushed the limits of the media like David Brookover. Together we have searched worldwide for unique handcrafted papers and made platinum prints in unprecedented large sizes. The reason it works so well is that David is a master of the large format 8x10 view camera and totally at ease in the current digital realm. His expertise of his craft, respect for traditional methods and its historical lineage combined with an open, honest approach on location keeps his art on the cutting edge.” 

Clyde Butcher Professional Photographer from Venice, Florida

“While visiting with David, he told us about one of his favorite locations in the Tetons and suggested we try it. The next morning we got up at 3:30am and headed out to the site. It was a great location!”

T. Hamish Tear Published Writer & Photographer in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

“Most frequently, David’s work is described as being as that of a painter… Known more for landscapes that you ‘walk into’ while they take your breath away, Brookover’s wildlife images and ranch-life photographs, often in black-and-white , show a keen eye for mood, detail and lifestyle. The careful choice of paper, hand-made frames and printing method, along with David’s expert understanding of an array of full-frame cameras, and a lifetime in this profession make the David Brookover Gallery an experience not to be missed in Jackson Hole.”

Janet & John Costello Art & Photography Collectors

“Few artists have explored such a broad range of subjects with such a unique vision. The nuance of light in his back-and-white prints, the high saturation of color in his color images, and the subtlety of his platinum/palladium prints contribute to the power of his work.”

Jeff Vanuga Photographer

"David's unique style and enduring photographic techniques printed on platinum, palladium, silver and bromoil should be included in every collection of fine art."

Henry Sweets Reporter for the Jackson Hole Weekly Newspaper

“As technology progressed, Brookover revisited the old printing process, Platinum and Palladium, on a scale perhaps larger than it has been done. The process, requires that he drive to Flagstaff, Arizona, to don large goggles and gloves, and tinker with a vacuum sealer, some chemicals and a squeegee, for what can be days on end.”