The Pursuit of Perfection

“You have literally taken my breath away. What perfect photography and how perfectly preserved in the reproductions. I am glad to have lived to see this happen. And here in America, all America and I am not a nationalist I am an idolator of perfect workmanship of any kind and this is truly perfect workmanship. I am elated.”  Alfred Stieglitz

Black Kitty In The Wheatfield, Kansas

Black Kitty In The Wheatfield, Kansas

One can only imagine how Ansel Adams felt receiving this praise from Alfred Stieglitz upon the completion of his classic photography book, “Sierra Nevada, The John Muir Trail.”  Knowing that Alfred fought for decades with the fixed attitudes within the fine art community over the recognition of photography as a fine art medium, he must have known that his time had arrived.  It had, and so had photography.  Alfred Stieglitz, Edward Steichen, Paul Strand, and Ansel Adams had perfected the platinum palladium, bromoil and silver gelatin printing processes and in doing so laid the very foundation in which photography came of age.

The reason I chose this title, The Pursuit of Perfection is based on this principle. Though we may never attain perfection, the pursuit is its essence – with the journey, the methods and applications all essential to its existence.

This blog will cover many different photographers, artists and the avenues they traverse.  The only prerequisite being an in-depth look into their pursuit of perfection and how it has redefined their lives.  I will begin with friends and professionals I know, respect and have worked with over the last three decades and then gradually branch out from there. A simple beginning but one full of adventure and insight.  I will be the first to jump into the pond. The next blog will begin with a verse that has influenced generations throughout the world.